Before & After Revamp in 2007

Get Involved In Our Serenity Garden:

With a future focused on mindfulness, self-care, and mental health, natural spaces are becoming a mainstream addition to workspaces, healthcare centers, and hospitals. The garden is located on the agency’s property and would have multiple purposes. We are requesting support for our existing Serenity Garden renovation and upgrade project. 

CEC’s Goals For The Serenity Garden:

  • To create a natural space for staff, clients, volunteers, event organizers, and visitors to access while at CEC. 
  • For nature to thrive around them while admiring the native foliage, trees, butterflies, and birds.
  • Provide a natural and sustainable space of native plants and textures to engage visitors’ senses within a natural setting apart from their day-to-day life.
  • A chance for increased productivity, focus, mindfulness, relaxation, and stress management.

This project consists of the removal of an invasive tree, professionally done landscaping with sensory elements for therapy, planning and designing for xeriscape and water usage efficiency, as well as proper maintenance of the garden.  

We have received a donation of $2,500 from support of the Alpine Bank Sponsorship Grant and are requesting a matching donation. Your support would have a significant impact on the experience of the clients, volunteers, staff members, visitors, community, and CEC overall.  

To give today, you can call CEC at 970-243-9539, go to our website, come into the office to donate with cash, or donate via check by making the donation payable to “Counseling & Education Center” or “CEC”.