For information regarding the course, please contact:

Sydney Elks, MA, LPC

Resilience Program Facilitator


Testimonials From Past Participants:

“The Resilience Program really teaches positive skills to reduce caretaker fatigue, compassion fatigue, burn-out, and stress. Helps individuals find tools to better meet the needs of clients and co-workers.” -2019 participant

“I have been surviving in my organization for years. This program has given me tools to thrive.” -2019 participant

“[This course] increased my productivity… That is a plus for employers!” -2021 participant

“I feel this kind of training should be taught everywhere, especially for managers, supervisors, and senior employees.” -2021 participant

“A must for people working high-stress jobs and in difficult life situations.” -2021 participant

“The Resilience Program taught me skills on how to identify fatigue and [I] gained knowledge on how to manage it.” -2019 participant

“I was struck by the variety of participants–parole officers, to pastors to senior care specialists to animal care workers. This provides perspective on the tools’ universal usefulness.” -2019 participant