About CEC

Who We Are

The Counseling and Education Center (CEC) is a non-profit organization celebrating its 42nd year of service to our community. CEC provides mental health counseling to anyone in need. There are no eligibility requirements, and through access to a sliding scale, we work with people who have no insurance or are underinsured. Services for people ages 3 and up.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

CEC Vision: A future where all people can attain mental wellbeing through access to professional, affordable counseling services, leading to a healthier community.

CEC Mission: The Counseling and Education Center enriches our community by providing professional, affordable counseling services to all.

CEC Core Values:

Affordability:  by ensuring that counseling is available to all regardless of income.

Equity:  by providing the same high quality care to all, regardless of identity or payer source.

Safety:  by following the principles of trauma-informed care to create physical and psychological safety for clients, staff, partners, and community members.

Integrity:  by following the core ethical principles of nonmaleficence, beneficence, autonomy, justice, fidelity, and honesty.

Responsiveness:  by using deliberate practice and cultural humility to adapt to the unique needs of each individual.

Community:  by maintaining an environment of respect and hospitality for all.

​CEC is staffed by a diverse community of dedicated, caring professionals who enrich our community by providing professional, affordable counseling services to families and individuals in need. 

Our History

CEC was founded in 1981 by Sister Faye Huelsmann (MS, LPC) and Sister Pat Lewter (MS, LPC). In August of that year, the Sisters applied for a grant from the St. Joseph Foundation for $18,000 for start-up monies to open their nonprofit vision – an affordable counseling center for individuals and families in Mesa County. The funds were awarded to them and allocated to begin the next year. The Sisters moved to Grand Junction and set up a tent in a local campground. Every morning they set out looking for jobs. They decided to seek a local convent where Franciscan Sisters from Rochester were living. Sister Faye had a script prepared to explain their vision, but when Sister Killeen opened the door, Sister Pat blurted out, “We are Sisters of St. Joseph from Concordia, may we live with you?” The Franciscans took them in and helped them find temporary jobs.

The grant money for their counseling center – initially named the Center for Enriched Communications – began in January 1982. Both Sisters continued working their jobs until the Center was self-sufficient. Their experience working in the community served them well. The Sisters realized they would be fulfilling a great need in Mesa County by empowering people to change their lives to benefit themselves, their family and their community through counseling that is affordable for all.

In 1998 the Center merged with Individual and Family Counseling (another nonprofit organization) and became the Counseling & Education Center (CEC).